Why To Do This PHP and MySQL Training?

PHP applications are popular, easy to code and can run on any server or operating system. PHP can be integrated directly within your HTML code and allows information to be accessed from any data source..



Course Duration

12 Months

DTA Basic PHP and MySQL Course Content

  • Why use PHP and MySQL?
  • The PHP programming environment
  • Overview of SQL
  • Decisions about a testing environment
  • Installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on your computer
  • Testing on a remote Server
  • Deciding on Development tools
  • Using PHPMyAdmin
  • Setting up a PHP page
  • The phpinfo() function
  • Learning basic syntax
  • Echoing HTML output to the browser
  • The importance of comments
  • Using single and double quotes


  • Using loose typed variables
  • Assigning variables
  • Overview of numeric, string and other types
  • Assigning a variable to itself
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Logical operators
  • Comparisons
  • Operator precedence
  • Making calculations
  • Using built-in numeric functions
  • Incrementing and decrementing
  • Concatenating strings
  • Trimming strings
  • Removing slashes and other harmful characters
  • String functions
  • The If statement
  • FOR loops
  • While loops
  • The Switch
  • GET and POST
  • Different form field types
  • Self-referencing forms
  • Form handlers
  • Structuring a database
  • Using tables
  • Table relationships
  • Common data types
  • Using PHPmyAdmin
  • Adding a table
  • Populating a table with types and data
  • Browsing a table with SQL
  • PHP5 and MySQL5 security features
  • Using mysqli_connect()
  • Testing a connnection
  • Mysqli and prepared statements
  • Using a positional placeholder
  • Writing a sample error trap
  • Writing SQL queries
  • Using Select, Insert, Update and Delete
  • Querying MySQL and returning results
  • Interpreting the returned array
  • Manipulating dynamic pages:
  • Add entries
  • Modify entries
  • List entries
  • Filter entries
  • PHP and XML
  • Validating entries

Course Objective

Both PHP and MySQL are increasingly popular open-source technologies and this course has been designed to give you the skills to fully employ the power and flexibility they offer. PHP is a scripting/Coding language used to create dynamic websites and web applications that can be integrated within your HTML code. Our PHP courses are comprehensive and practical so you can go back to work and apply the knowledge you gained during your PHP course straight away.

Our Trainers

DTA PHP trainers are experts in their field and passionate about delivering quality PHP training, so you know you're capable in your programming skill. So whether you are new to PHP and need an introductory course or have some experience are looking for a more advanced PHP training, Drona Training, have the course for you.

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