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DTA is pleased to bring you the ultimate guide for Computer science graduate student, hand crafted to ensure your success in competitive age for cracking job for big names in IT industry.



This programme will guide you in your problem area so that you start your journey in to the exciting world of competitive coding. We help you master in commonly used problem solving techniques, hone your mathematical analysis skills, and push the boundaries of your reasoning abilities. The course will cover advanced topic from your syllabus as Data Structures like Segment Trees, Binary Index etc.

The course will also cover other advanced competitive topics as required by your syllabus. This course is for all students from different IT backgrounds such as BE/ B.Tech./ MCA/ B.Sc.(IT), or coders who are looking forward to optimizing their problem-solving process, and learn new algorithmic skills which will help them to solve problem quickly.

Course Duration: Will be defined after the counseling session with DTA Trainer.

Course Objective: This is the customize course for student in higher computer education, we offer guidance/training for topic needed by you. Will be defined after the counseling session with DTA Trainer.

Your Future Career

Think of almost any business sector that exists and then imagine it without computer systems. Tough, isn’t it? That’s because industries as diverse as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services all rely on computers and software to function effectively.

As a graduate of computer science, you'll have a solid understanding of the main disciplines that fall under the computer science banner. With a university accredited degree and our strong programming or analytic skill your degree will be respected within the IT sector.

A computer science degree is the perfect launch pad for a career in almost any sector, in addition to the tech and digital industries.

    The kinds of role you could go into include:

  • Information Security
  • Software Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Architecture
  • Education
  • Technical Sales
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