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Basic Computer Learning For Housewives/Stay-At-Home Mums

Today computer has an integral part in every aspect of life, being busy with family or any other reason most of the housewife miss the chance to learn the computer. As we all know Women are the backbone of a society and a household getting familiar with basic knowledge of computer will make them feel confident get ready to face technology challenges they face while interacting socially or helping kids in their studies.

At DTA We use a conversational and non-technical way to introduce the introductory skills that you will need to develop in order to become comfortable with accessing and using computer. We will concentrate on the skills that will apply to many commonly daily works related to computer. Topics to be covered include: Windows Basics, and working with text, Computer application.

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Having the ability to control a computer bring several advantages to the way of life and makes lots of effort a lot easier; let or not it's running monthly budget, recording grocery everyday expenditure, writing cookery recipes, composition images or reading eBooks, there's a heap that housewives will do over a computer.

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Basic Computer Learning For Senior Citizen

As life was fully absorbed with paying all duties of job and family at young age many of you miss the chance to learn the computer or it was not that much important as it has become today. Now at late 40 or at near to retirement when most of the things are stable in your life this is the right time to do/explore new things and same applies to older adults as they face lots of challenges once it involves adopting new technologies. At DTA we help you to get start at right note and be technology updated. If one have a minimum of basic computer knowledge it will improve their mental activeness, personal fulfillment, social connections, purposeful capability and plenty of additional benefit.

Course outline:

  • Introduction to computer
  • Window latest Operating System
  • Internet
  • Email
  • Chatting
  • Using Social websites
  • Online booking etc.
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At DTA we strongly believe that “Education and Learning has NO RESTRICTION OF AGE”. At Drona Training Academy we offer Basic Computer Courses in Delhi by professional experts in easy to understand language and practical session. Topics to be teach are related to day to day use of computer embrace Hardware Basics, Windows Basics, and dealing with mail, online booking and social media.

What makes us different are the way we teaches and it does not matter how slowly you go we will devote our time to bring out your best. DTA welcomes you for your learning spirit with versatile batch timings so that you'll be a part of the class at a time that suits you. Thus don’t hesitate to contact us we’ll be glad to make you stand with tech/new generation with confidence.

* Prerequisite for this course: One should comfortable with english language reading and writing.

Basic Computer Learning For School/College Going Student:

We are providing the facility of basic learning computer, use of internet, programming language(c, c++, java etc) for children. Most of the school in our country are having computer/IT as subject, learning and scoring well in this subject is also important but with little or no knowledge of computers; this was acceptable in the past but as with new education system and growing involvement of IT in day to life - it has become very important to understand and use at least the basics computer skills.

Below we've created a list of reasons why you should learn more about computers with additional resources on how you can learn more about computers.

Course outline:

  • Computers help you work faster
  • Computers can answer almost any question
  • A computer can teach you almost anything
  • Understanding computer terminology helps with other technology
  • Resolve problems and questions faster
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Computer Learning For Job: Computer Skills That Will Help You Get Hired

In today’s technologically oriented economy, it’s no surprise that employees with strong computer skills fare better in the job market than their tech challenged counterparts. This trend influences hiring for virtually all jobs, not just technology-centered positions.

Here are some computer skills that are prized by employers in a wide variety of sectors.

Microsoft Office Virtually all workers have some familiarity with Microsoft Word. However, individuals who can carry out mail merges, modify macro scripts, format documents expertly, and execute other complex functions are most highly recruited.

Spreadsheets Facility with spreadsheet programs, especially Microsoft Excel, is referenced in many job announcements. Candidates who can create complex macros to organize spreadsheet information are in particularly high demand.

PowerPoint A solid grasp of PowerPoint for workers who wish to conduct dynamic presentations or prepare materials for bosses and colleagues is essential. Job candidates who can show employers some attractive examples of presentation slides will often have a leg up in the hiring process.

Microsoft Access Job seekers who can organize and manipulate data through programs like Microsoft Access have an advantage in today’s information-intensive economy.

Tally Many small and larger businesses use tally for accounting, payroll, invoicing, reporting and more. If you’re working in an accounting or administrative role, a working knowledge of Tally is definitely an asset.

Email We all use email as part of our personal and professional lives, but those individuals who can perform advanced functions with email programs like Microsoft Outlook can increase office productivity.

Web and Social Skills Most organizations are looking to enhance their footprint on the web and within social media. Workers who can maintain and upgrade websites using tools like content management systems, HTML, Dreamweaver and Java are very attractive to employers. Candidates who understand how to leverage social media to convey messages about their organization are in high demand.

Graphic and Writing Skills Knowledge of Photoshop and graphics programs like Illustrator enables employees to optimize the look and feel of websites and other communications. Writing skills are also important for many different jobs.

Course content

  • Making familiar with computer hardware
  • Making familiar with computer software
  • Switching on and off the system
  • Browsing websites on Internet
  • Making familiar with website layout, panels and different sections and how it works
  • Working with Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system
  • Working with Windows Accessories
    • Calculator
    • Paint
    • Notepad
    • Wordpad
    • Improving performance of the system Defragmentation
    • Installing and uninstalling a software or application
    • How to change wallpaper and appearance
    • How to change screen resolution
    • How to play games
  • How to copy-paste file and folder
  • How to create a new file and folder
  • How to delete a folder
  • How to zip a file or folder
  • How to use keyboard shortcuts
  • Over web
    • How to create an Email account (Gmail, Hotmail etc.)
    • How to send and receive text email
    • How to attach a document in the email
    • How to check email
    • Choosing email options and settings
  • On computer
    • How to set up email in the Microsoft Outlook
    • How to compose email text and attach file
    • How to check email
    • Choosing Email options and settings
  • How to add a contact in the messenger software (Skype, WhatsApp etc.)
  • How to chat with another person over messenger
  • How to delete/ban a contact in the messenger
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MS Office / Document online
    • How to create a document using MS Word
    • How to format with Font, Color and style
    • How to specify padding, margin and spacing
    • How to insert pictures
    • How to use different Templates
    • How to insert header, footer, page numbers, date time etc.
    • How to print
  • MS Excel / Spreadsheets online
    • How to create a spreadsheets
    • How to write data in column and rows, increasing & decreasing row and column size
    • How to perform basic math operations
    • How to use formulas to sub, average and other basic operations
    • How to auto fill data like month name, week days, serial number etc.
    • How to print
  • Power point / Drawing online
    • How to create a drawing
    • How to draw different shapes and sizes
    • How to fill with Color and Text
    • How to print
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